10 Latest designs of Maang Tikka

On your wedding day or reception, you would want to praise your outfit with alluring accessories that make your look perfect. ’16 Shringar’ means 16 Bridal Adornments that women follow for her stunning looks or u can say it ‘makeover’. And one of them is Maang Tikka, without it your look would be incomplete.


Maang Tikkas are more than just a piece of jewelry, it is a spiritual & religious symbol of women as to what she brings to her new life. Apart from a jewelry Maang Tikka designate the union of two souls through the institution of marriage. You can find no Indian bride, without a Maang Tikka at their functions. It could be small as a bindi or as elaborate as a necklace. It all depends on what the occasion is and what the personal preference is.


So before, pick up your jewelry we suggest you to must have magnificent stuff for Indian bride to put together a look that is in keeping with the tradition that enhances the charm of the bride as it highlights her face. Here’s the latest variety of  Maang Tikka designs and the most important is which type of Maang Tikka suits to which type of face shape.


Right Maang Tikka according to your face shape


Broad Maatha Patti Tikka

For the brides who have a love for beautiful Indian ethnic jewelry, these make a bride look like royalty. These heavily embellished chains are the best kind of look, as they desire for a simple hairstyle.



Broad matha patti maang tikka.

Jhumar OR Passa

A Passa or Jhoomar is mostly worn by Muslims brides as it is a traditional ornament of Muslims. This Maang Tikka hangs on the left side of the forehead. Nowadays this is worn in addition to the regular one. If u want something different then go for it. Its give a classy look to a bride.



jhumar or passa with maang tikka

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One- tier Maatha Patti

One of the hottest style that is evergreen. Its look adorns on the round cut face. The hairline hugging single strand tikka is as old as time itself. As it hugs the hairline of the bride with a centerpiece, it draws out the facial features.



one-tierMatha pattii


Double-tier Maatha Patti

These are new and revised version of single strand Maang Tikka. They are more embellished yet not too much to take away attention from the ensemble. Making it perfect for those who love a certain amount of bling, without overdoing it.
No matter what style does the bride pick, this artistic piece of jewelry simply gives her a majestic look.



double-tier maatha patti


Multi-tier Maatha Patti

Another hot style, it is similar to One-tier Matha Patti with the single difference of multiple chains to the sides. Its look awesome on the long face with wide forehead & cheeks area. These types of tikka are most apt for an engagement party. As the outfit of the bride is more elaborate and embellished, these multi-strands that drape the forehead provide a princess look to the face.



mullti lair matha patti.



Side- swept Style Maang Tikka

This style is one of the stunning styles of Maang Tikkas that many brides love to wear these days. This Maang Tikka falls on the side of the forehead, instead of being placed at the center. This Maang Tikka style known as ‘Nawabi Style’. The modern take on classic jewelry, these are just one-sided hair adornment. These are the best for Mehendi and Haldi ceremony. Where you need just the right amount of embellishments.



Side swept matha patti.



Oversized Maang Tikka

A bold bride can prefer large statement pieces to have a distinct look on their special day. You can pick anything from floral or circular patterns in the large studded pieces, and stand out as the bride with the most elegant taste.



oversized maang tikka



Small Pendant Style Maang Tikka

These statement pieces are a popular pick among all those brides, who believe in traditional yet classy look. Single-stranded tikkas might be quite a conservative design, but that is just enough for some brides to look exceptionally elegant and fashionable.



Small Pendant Style Maang Tikka



Classic single tikka in middle part

Simple tika is the best for Sangeet ceremony as they are placed in the middle part of the hair. And simple yet elegant enough for the family function.



Classic single tikka in middle part




The really look great on the round cut face. It has been even spotted by many Indian actresses. Mostly it is worn by the women in Rajasthan and Haryana in India. The spherical shape of Borla is usually crafted with pearls, rubies, stones, crystals, etc. “Borlas are a hot favorite for pre-wedding events and its round shape suits the square faced bride well, majorly because it doesn’t take too much forehead space.”



stylish borla



Maang Tikas have become wardrobe staples. And for good reason too. A carefully crafted Maang Tikka can go a long way in making a style statement. In fact, as Jhanvi Kapoor recently showed us, you can even skip other adornments, when you wear the perfect Maang Tikka with your special lehenga.


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What would you like to wear at your wedding dress? Tell us in the comments.

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